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My Problem With Blogging

I don’t have a problem reading people’s blogs. They’re informative and, since most of the people I follow are writers, well-written. My real problem comes from committing enough to a topic to blog about it myself.

You can probably see from my previous two posts, however long ago they were, that I’m not very enthused about this whole blogging business. I thought starting a blog would help be remember stuff that’s happened and not make things go by so damn fast. But the only result I’ve seen thus far is the guilt of not having written anything.

I think what I need to do to blog more often is establish a firm schedule. But do I want one? Do I really want to have to blog every whatever amount of days regardless of what I have to say? Well, kinda. I really wish I blogged more often. Expect a schedule in a few months. Until then, I’ll just feel guilty about not having one yet.


I Can’t Wait Until Christmas

I’ve figured out why stuffy adults always devalue the gift of gifts at Christmastime. They talk about how great it is to spend time with family and friends, blabity blabity blah, and how grateful I should be for having family and stuff. They’re so glad to have these things because they work all the time.

It is a known fact that kids don’t work. School isn’t work. School is SOMETIMES work. I’m someawhat like a kid in that I don’t work at school,and I don’t even have a job at which to work. But today, I did work. I’ve been doing work for about 10 hours now and the clock has rolled over to zero, and today I learned that work sucks.

The reason these stuffy adults like Christmas for the social aspects is that they have to work ALL THE TIME. If you’re a person who works eight hours a day, five days a week, you’re glad to have any time off, and glad when you can finally get out and do something. Work sucks, and there’s nothing better in the world than the feeling you get when you don’t have to do it.

Dollhouse is Cancelled And That Makes Me Sad


I’ve started a blog

I clicked the “add new” button and promptly forgot why.

Anyway, you can find the url of my new blog pretty easily; it’s right there, in the address bar. Hopefully I don’t completely forget about this blog, and hopefully I post on a somewhat regular basis or something. I know I’ll eventually find something to write about, and even if I jump around on topics you’ll know that all the topics have two things in common. Those things are 1. Me, and 2. Long-winded borderline run-on sentences.

Over the next few ten minutes I’ll probably change the theme to something less default-looking. Enjoy.